Yoga is more than physical activity, it is a philosophical way of life that includes many principles such as having a right attitude towards society, towards others (Yama), and towards oneself (Nyama), to practice postures to purify our body and mind (Asanas), exercise different breaths (Pranayama), direct our senses inside (Pratyahara), master our attention and intention (Dharana), meditate (Dhyana) and finally reach a consciousness pure (Samadhi).

For Hatha Yoga you have to clean your body to purify your mind. This is achieved through 6 purifications techniques called shatkarmas. It helps fortify your back with postures that soften, stretch and strengthen our column. It strengthens the joints as well as the muscles around it, and staying in the postures for a long time allows more flexibility. The postures make it possible to work the concentration and the balance, it allows to be more Zen, to let go and to live fully the present. The mind is a lake, and the thoughts are the waves, thanks to regular practice, the waves decrease and the surface of the lake becomes calm and peaceful.
Yoga works the entire internal and external body, muscles strengthen, stretch, relax, breathing works abdominally deep, it stimulates certain glands, mass internal organs and eliminates toxins.

​Yoga makes you want to take care of yourself.

I was born in the Paris region in 1976, and I left to live at the age of 3 in Latin America (Colombia and Mexico). In Colombia I practiced ballet, and I continued all my youth to practice different sports. I discovered the benefits of yoga, adult by finding that it could relieve my headaches and backaches. After a few years of practice, seeing the good that could bring to people, I decided to pass my teacher’s diploma of 200 hours. of Hatha Yoga in India at Samyak School. In addition I went to Thailand to study therapeutic Thai massage and i I did a yoga Yin training course. What I appreciate the most in the teaching of this discipline is to note the change of people arriving and leaving the course. Yoga provides extraordinary well-being, and the more you practice, the better you feel in your body and mind. Since 2014, I teach yoga to people of all ages, to pregnant women, children, blind people, private and group lessons. Since my beginnings I am thirsty to learn and share my knowledge in yoga, I aspire to go further in the postures thanks to the breath and not with the force.

​”It’s yoga that has to adapt to the student and not the student who has to adapt to yoga”

Bruno :
In 2013, during a trip, I decided to push the doors of a Hatha yoga school that will allow me to discover the benefits of a daily practice. Returned to France, I try several styles of yoga by participating in many workshops. But, to deepen my knowledge, I go to do a Hatha Yoga training in Kerala at PADMA KARMA school. Following this training, I will learn that sensitivity and humility are the necessary conditions to teach yoga. At the same time I practice Thai Traditional Massage.

“A good teacher is a good student.”